Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Working on the Neverending WIP

Last night, I finished the row of neutral colours for this blanket. I'd already finished the row of varigated colours and the warm stripe was one of the first things I'd done! I attached them late last night, and there's only one long row left to do - cool blues, greens and purples for the right side of the blanket (opposite side to the pink/yellow/red long stripe). I'd really just like to have this finished and done with, which means a virtual sweatshop to get that last row done...but I've got a heap of other things I'm working on and I'm at a crossroads with what to do.

Anyway, the latest additions to this blanket are the neutral colours across the top, varigated row along the bottom and the pink/yellow/red etc long stripe down the left side.


  1. Totally wow !
    I had to check out your blog after loving that rainbow ripple baby blanket. I am not disappointed ! That bed blanket is outrageous !

  2. Thanks! I've kicked all the other blankets off our bed so I can use this one (unfinished as it is) and there's just something really satisfying about curling up to go to sleep under a blanket you made yourself.