Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Opposite ends of the scale

Last night I finished the baby ripple blanket, yay! The edging is solid double crochet along the top and bottom, and a mesh along the sides. I used yarns of different thicknesses so the side edges were a little uneven, crocheting the mesh allowed it to "breathe" and even out a bit. It's still a little wavy but not enough to make me unhappy. So here we have a definite "finished object".
Green-blue baby ripple

On the other end of the scale, here is the WIP that has been in progress since December last year! It was meant to be a stash-buster and use up all the yarn I had, but the colours would have been a little bland and I ended up buying some more to mix it up! It's taken so long as I've been doing many, many other projects in the meantime, and I really want to finish it off so I can complete some other things without having this one hanging over me. I still have 4 strips to do, one for each side, so that it's final size is 2 metres square - big enough to cover our queen bed. Actually, I've done 2 of the 4 remaining sides but I haven't attached them yet. I need to finish the other 2 bits first so it can be pieced together properly.

The never-ending WIP

I originally wanted to make a Babette blanket, but the idea of having different sized squares that needed to be pieced together kind of freaked me out. Why? I don't know. I'm just someone who needs things to be in order and equally balanced. When I crochet there needs to be a set colour pattern with repetition and equality. I tried to be random with some of the squares but even then, I set some kind of formula for how many rows of each colour. Bah! The green-blue baby ripple blanket was supposed to have random colour changes too, but it didn't. Still looks good though.


  1. ooooooooo YUMMY ripplesome ripples!!
    The colours are beautiful, it reminds me of being by the sea....been looking at all your other blankies too, you've made so many!
    Lovely crochet, thanks so muhc for sharing

  2. You already know that I love the big bed blanket, but the colors in that baby blanket are just yummy ! It's beautiful, actually !

  3. What a gorgeous blanket!!
    I've never used more than one variegated yarn in an afghan, so you've given me something new to think about. Ripples are my favorite charity project.