Sunday, August 2, 2009

Experiments in Miniatures

I'm doing my second Amigurumi swap on Flickr at the moment. My swap partner has Blythe dolls and I thought it might be cute to crochet a Blythe-sized chocolate cake. The thing is, I've never actually a) crocheted a cake and b) done anything in miniature. So wisely (and without an actual pattern) I had a go at making one anyway. Here's how it went:

Side angle view
Top view

Close up

It turned out all right, but I wasn't happy enough with it to send it off as a gift to someone. So I presented it to my own Blythe petite doll, Ruth. She dug it.

Look at those eyes!!

The hook in the photos isn't the one I used to make the cake, it's just there for perspective. I actually used a size 3mm hook for this one, and some Anchor stranded cotton (the stuff used for cross stitch and embroidery). The beads on top are little coral hearts I bought from a clearance sale at Spotlight about 18 months ago.
When I finish the Amigurumi for the swap I'll post the pics here, along with the other one I did for the first swap with Biz.

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