Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things with faces

A few months ago, my beautiful arty friend Haline gave me a book on making Amigurumi - little crochet toys. It's gorgeous and has given me something else I can crochet besides blankets and scarves! I made a whole lot out of the book, came up with a pattern of my own and raided other people's blogs and craft pages for free patterns too. Yay internet!

I've now sent my 2nd Flickr Amigurumi swap overseas...although I think this may be the last one for a bit. VERY expensive to send the stuff, that's the downfall of living in Australia I suppose. It's a long way to anywhere from here! For this swap I made a cupcake and a mushroom with faces, I reckon they're cute and hopefully the girl I sent them to likes them also.

Cakie and Mushie

This little doughnut guy was made for Biz, for my first Ami swap. He was based on the character from the Wrigley's Extra gum ad -

And, in a not-so-co-incidental co-incidence, the guy who designed this character happens to be friends with the girl who gave me the original Amigurumi book. Oooh freaky! The circle of life, people, the circle of life....

Pink doughnut guy
My other amigurumi pictures can be seen on my Flickr account, there's not enough room here for me to upload them all.

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